Gio Najarian (born October 24, 1982).
Besides his short musical education at “University Of Holy Spirit”, and even though he took 5 years of piano at the Lebanese/Armenian Conservatory, Gio is always described as a self-taught drummer.
As his professional career started in Beirut, in the early 2000s, Gio quickly found himself working with major Lebanese/International Artists, especially during his 5 year residency at the Music Hall of Beirut, where he had the opportunity to play many genres of Music.
This particular drummer’s strength resides in his versatility, blending Fusion Oriental, Armenian, Funk, R&B, Pop and even tribal grooves.
He is well-known with the live performances and his studio recordings.
Besides his hectic drumming schedule, Gio has always considered that teaching Music is one of his priorities.
In 2015, after tutoring for years in Music schools all over Lebanon, he finally opened his own studio for drum teaching & recording, Cle Neutre Studio.

Artists collaborated with:

*Abeer Nehme
*Majida El Roumi
*Saad Lamjarred
*Soumaya Baalbaki
*Tony Hanna
*Jose Fernandez
*The Chehadeh Brothers
*Tino Favazza
*Bilal (The Gypsy Prince)
*Gilbert Simon
*Lil ‘P
*Ingrid Naccour
*Xriss Jor
*Lara Rain
*Sabreen Staples
*Tonye Aganaba
*Lilane Hayek
*Relu Balkan
*Sarmen Panossian
*Jammit The Band
*Karnig Sarkissian
*Rojo Del Libano
*Amadeus Awad
*Gisele Jackson
*Cinda Ramseur
*Dean Vegas
*Laury Haddad
*Nour Nimri
*Marc Reaidy
*Christina Haddad
*Albert Boyadjian
*Jean Nyan
*Caroline Karam
*William Zain
*George Nehme
*Morena Zouein
*Ziad Sahhab

…And many Lebanese/International Artists, such as Kazem El Saher, Hussain Al Jassmi, Fares Karam, Ahmed Cherif, etc…
*He was the drummer for the Burlesque Show in Lebanon at PlayRoom club (2013-2014)
*He was also the drummer for R&B Beirut at Cassino club (2014-2015)
*Gio had a long musical journey with Arabic Pop singer Ragheb Alama.
*He was also the drummer for A2B, entertainment group, featuring many local Artists. They performed at Diva Club (2015-2016)

Several TV Shows, such as:
THE VOICE (Arabia)
Also: Heyk Mnghanni, Layali El Ouns, etc…

Gio released the debut album, “Where Butterflies Rest”, featuring many musicians and vocalists, on April 7 at Virgin Megastore.